Monday, November 21, 2005

The Abundance of Rain

This past summer and early fall have been mostly very dry. I suppose this is true across much of the Southern Appalachians and the Cumberland Mountains, because everyone I know says the leaf-peeper season is suffering greatly. The dry weeks have caused the leaves to turn brown prematurely, instead of passing through their normal lovely red, gold and bronze phases. I know it has been that way here.

My wife and I are trying very hard to cover some bulldozer-ravaged soil that the previous owner of the land created, and for a quick fix we have planted winter rye down a long, sloping draw that has tremendous potential for erosion if something doesn't hold the soil in place. My wife has also spent many hours tediously hand-planting English ivy on the upper hillside above our driveway, to inhibit erosion there while providing a more scenic view than the Japanese honeysuckle gives to it.

We have worried much about the dryness of the soil, but had confidence (faith??) that the rains would come eventually. Well, they have.

The last two, almost three, days have been rain, rain and yes, some more rain. I really like the rain. Some of my most pleasant sleeping is spent with soft Celtic music playing in the background, while the raindrops beat out an accompanying syncopated rhythm on the roof and windows. Problematically, when the rain continues all day long, I always seem to be sleepy.

My caffeine intake has increased dramatically in the last couple of days. It's either that or fall asleep over my keyboard.

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