Sunday, November 12, 2006

My gosh, it's already the middle of November!

The weather can't seem to settle on a course. Last night and today it was wet, windy and chilly... still is, in fact. Two days ago I was sweating like a pig outside, even though wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Life is sort of like that, in fact. The unexpected will always jump up and get ya. Not long ago, I mentioned on here the anthology we just published, By the Chimney With Care. I was, and am still, very excited about this anthology, most especially because it benefits the Toys for Tots.

But today I discovered, to my horror, that one story had been inadvertently left out of the book. I won't make excuses... I'm the editor and I should have caught that. If you have purchased the book, my apologies. It's still a great book, but it's one story short! I'm in communication with the author of that story and I believe we will come to an agreement about what we will do about it very soon. Until then, enjoy the other stories.

(chagrined and embarrassed)

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