Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Bookmark Saga

Things are looking up! The day after I filed a complaint about The Print Place with the BBB in Arlington, TX, I received a phone call from their customer service manager, Nic.

What it came down to was this:
  1. He was very sorry for what happened
  2. The person who had taken the order, pretended to be a "Director" and generally messed me over had been fired
  3. I wasn't the only person to complain about said former employee
  4. I was right—their online template HAD BEEN screwed up, and they were in the process of fixing it
  5. They would refund my money if I wanted
Nic and I had a conversation about things, very amicably. I agreed to try their service by resending the graphics to him once more, and I ordered the bookmarks. They are refunding the amount of money I paid to them that is not applied to the order. The bookmarks should arrive by March 1, and when they do, I'll let everyone here know about their quality.

I'm really glad I'm not going to have to fill out the fraud report form that my credit card company sent to me, because it's a pain in the tuchas.

Tony Burton
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